123. Martha Moxley / The Story of Halloween


Happy Halloween! For this Halloween episode Bettina will share with you fun folklore and stories of how Halloween came to be… but, before the candy filled history lesson – Beth will share the horribly tragic murder of 15 year old, Martha Moxley.  The case is filled with twists and turns, mysteries and questions… but please don’t lose sight on the one that matters in it all. Martha!  
Cheers to you all on this Halloween – be safe, have fun, and drink responsibly!

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Martha Moxley was a popular 15 year old living with her parents and bother in the exclusive neighborhood of Belle Haven in Greenwich, Connecticut. Across the street from the Moxley’s lived the Skakel’s, related by marriage to the Kennedy’s. Martha was friends with two of the Skakel boys, 15 year old Michael and 17 year old Tommy. So her mother, Dorthy, thought nothing of it when on the night of October 30, 1975, Martha asked and was allowed to go across the street to a party at the Skakel’s house. BUT, Martha never came home that night. Her parents searched the neighborhood and called all of her friends, no one knew where she was until the next day. Halloween afternoon Martha’s beaten dead body was found under a tree in her own back yard. She had been beaten and killed in her driveway the night before between 9:30pm and 10:00pm, then dragged to where she was found. The murder weapon was found to be a golf club used in such a fit of rage that it had broken from the hard blows to Martha’s body. Because they were the last to see Martha, Michael and Tommy were immediately under suspicion. Listen as Beth dives deeper into this case. Was the right person imprisoned or is there someone out there that was never even questioned?

October 31, Halloween. We have parties, trick or treat, wear costumes, and watch scary movies, but where in this world did the holiday of Halloween come from? Bettina goes back 2,000 years to the Celtic festival of Samhain and takes you through the evolution of the Halloween we know today.

Lying among the fallen autumn leaves police found the broken golf club shaft, and scattered in other places in the grass were the other parts of the gulf club. Pool Photo/Getty https://allthatsinteresting.com/martha-moxley

Halloween can be traced to the Celtic festival of Samhain. Image: Shutterstock https://www.history.co.uk/articles/samhain-and-the-pagan-roots-of-halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! From Beth and Bettina









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122. The Liske Family Murder / Haunted Rogues Hollow


Spooky Season is upon us – the theme of Halloween and spooky legends fills out stories this month! Bettina shares the horrible true crime case of William “BJ” Liske.  Three tragic murders occurred on Halloween at his hands in 2010. Beth and Bettina chit chat Halloween costumes and traditions to try to lighten things up a bit before Beth shares her paranormal / legend for the episode.  But, she can’t share the haunts and lore of Rogues Hollow in Ohio without sharing a bit about the OG haunted Hollow – Sleepy Hollow!  Cheers friends!

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William (BJ) Liske’s aggression towards his stepmother, Susan, span many years and during that time escalated from verbal to physical. BJ suffered from Schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, making him very hard to live with at times, especially when he was off of his meds., but his father, William, always stood by his son’s side. This, of course, put William in a very tough position. He was loyal to his son, but he had to protect his wife. This position was put to the test when BJ attacked Susan while she was in the shower. William had no choice, he moved 18 year old BJ out of the family home and into a halfway house. On Oct 31, 2010 the family’s problems reached a peak. Listen as Bettina describes what 16 year old Devon, Susan’s youngest son, thought, at first, to be a Halloween stunt but soon realized was a horrible nightmare.

Beth covers the legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman. Most of us have heard the story, but now we become more informed as Beth tells us the context and insights into the main character, Ichabod Crane. We feel for Ichabod on that dark, cold, lonely stretch home. Not a real brave soul to begin with, his mind becomes filled with the story of the Headless Horseman. He can hardly keep it together because of his fear. He has to make it across the bridge that the Horseman can not cross, then he’ll be safe! Then, just a short distance from the bridge, he hears the galloping of a horse behind him, gaining on him, when he turns to look his fear escalates because the rider has no head!!! What a great Halloween story thanks to the imagination of writer, Washington Irving!

William, BJ, Liske plead guilty to the murders of his father, mother, and stepbrother. On Sept. 14, 2011 he received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. What is going on in BJ’s mind at the time of this picture?https://www.cantonrep.com/story/news/state/2011/09/14/william-liske-gets-life-for/42565162007/

Both Sleepy Hollow and Ichabod Crane have been depicted in many forms, from cartoon to Johnny Depp, from funny to down right scary. https://halloweenspecials.fandom.com/wiki/Ichabod_Crane

Which version of Sleepy Hollow will you be watching this Halloween Season? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleepy_Hollow_(film)








Family Murdered on Halloween | The Case of the Liske Family Massacre






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121. The Mystery of Josh Maddux / Haunted Manitou Springs


This week Beth leaves you with quite a head scratcher! Grab that cocktail ( Mountain Top Meadow Cocktail ), and listen with bewilderment, as you ask yourself “What happened to Josh Maddux”?! An 18 year old boy goes out for a walk, and is missing for 7 years … until his mummified body is found in a chimney of an abandoned cabin. Will his family find closure to all the mysteries surrounding his death? Bettina lightens the episode up with ghostly tales of areas in and around Manitou Springs. All of it ending with a haunting on top of or near by a mountain? Coffin races and a vampire team. Cheers!
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The true crime this week will have you going down rabbit holes…so many questions and no answers. 18 year old Josh Maddux left his house on May 8, 2008 to go for a walk. Josh was not seen again until August 2015 when a demolition team found his body stuck in the chimney of a cabin less than a mile from his home. Had he tried to get into the cabin by way of the chimney? But then why were his clothes in a pile neatly folded inside the cabin? The coroner’s report stated “Accidental death”. Listen as Beth covers this mind boggling true crime. Was it an extremely odd accidental death or was it murder?

Who’s up for a road trip to the quaint, little town of Manitou Springs, Colorado? Bettina covers not one, but three places in the town which was founded in 1872. Disembodied voices of children, running footsteps and children’s laughter have been reported many times by guests of the historic Avenue Hotel B&B. For dinner one can go to Briarhurst Manor, but don’t just expect a delicious meal. There have been sightings of a skeletal lady in white who is said to float around the grounds. And many reports of a little girl playing ball on the lawn, only this little girl is wearing clothing from a century ago. Then there’s the story of poor, sick Emma Crawford whose only real desire was to be buried on the top of Red Mountain when she died. Her desire was fulfilled, but due to unfortunate circumstances Emma and her coffin did not stay in their original burial spot and instead where washed down the mountain. Emma was laid to rest in the town’s cemetery, but it is said that she roams Red Mountain searching for the spot she was originally laid to rest. Listen and you’ll find out how the town of Manitou remembers Emma every year around Halloween since 1994.

Joshua Maddux went missing May 8, 2008. Family and friends never gave up hope that Josh was alive until that horrible day, 7 years later, when his body was found. https://www.denverpost.com/2015/10/19/chimney-discovery-ends-mystery-over-young-mans-disappearance-but-questions-remain/

Josh’s body was discovered in the chimney of a dilapidated old cabin less than a mile from his family’s house on Aug 7, 2015. https://www.strangeoutdoors.com/strange-indoors/joshua-maddux

How Josh’s body got into the chimney and the positions it was found in raises so many questions including how is this an accidental death? https://allthecreepylittlethings.blogspot.com/2019/05/the-body-in-chimney-disturbing-case-of.html

The absolutely charming town of Manitou Springs, CO sits at the foot of Pikes Peak. Could a place this lovely really be haunted? https://www.pikes-peak.com/attractions/historic-manitou-springs/

Briarhurst Manor, the spirits that reside are said to be those of the Briarhurst family. Much happiness filled the home, so why wouldn’t the spirits come back to where they were happiest when alive? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Briarhurst

No, Emma Crawford is not forgotten. http://www.emmacrawfordfestival.com/















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120. Bizarre Stories: Cannibalism and Kids with “Gifts”


Wow! 120 episodes! We love these “Bizarre Stories” episodes and hope you do too!  This one is a bit wackadoodle – Bettina shares different types and stories of Human Cannibalism. Yes, you read that correctly. There are different types.  Beth changes the topic complexity and shares some fascinating theories and stories about kids and their gifts of reading minds, seeing the dead and much much more!
With a special chit chat with a local Reiki Master and Intuitive, Christy Marsh : www.christymarshwellness.com

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Bettina starts the episode with a warning:  If you have a weak stomach and you’re eating while listening, you may want to wait for an hour or so after you eat to resume listening. Why? She covers the topic of cannibalism. There are actually 9 different types of cannibalism, or anthropophagi. Bettina covers five of these, survival, pathological, epicurean, or gustatory, medicinal, and sacrificial cannibalism. Intrigued? Listen as cannibalism from around the world is covered.

Beth covers the fascinating topic of children and the spirit world. Beth disputes the thought that children are just more in tune with the spirit world than we are, instead she suggests that maybe it’s their innocence that enables them to be psychic or see spirits. Think about a child’s imagination, or their “imaginary” friend. To the child there is no “imaginary” about it, they see the friend, they listen and speak to their friend. Perhaps it’s the same thing with spirits. The child can actually see the spirit and interact with it. Most of us adults can not see these spirits because we have shut that part of our brain. Society tells us we can not “see dead people”, or our minds are so full of concerns and doubts so much so that we can no longer be open to imagination. Join us as Beth covers this intriguing topic as well as shares her interview with Reiki Master and Intuitive, Christy Marsh.

The skull unearthed in Jamestown shows markings to it that indicate that survival cannibalism may have happened among the few remaining, starving colonists. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/05/01/jamestown-cannibalism/2126421/

In the Smithsonian article, Sleeping with Cannibals, Journalist Paul Raffaele shared his visit with a Korowai Clan located deep in the jungle of Indonesia. The Korowai practice ritual/sacrificial cannibalism. The article, listed below, is a fascinating read. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/sleeping-with-cannibals-128958913/

Christy Marsh is a Clinical Nutritionist, a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Reiki Master. With her education and training she treats the whole person. Christy was kind enough to give Beth a very interesting interview. https://www.christymarshwellness.com/best-kansas-city-reiki-master-events Instagram : @iamchristymarsh
















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119. The Murder of Amie Harwick /&/ Haunted Disney Land


Cheers to another “Hangover” from California!  Beth shares an interesting, and very tasty “mouse looking” cocktail **Hint Hint** a chocolate craving may come after hearing about the cocktail!  Bettina shares the true crime story in this episode – the horrible death of Amie Harwick.  She was a Psychotherapist, a family and marriage therapist, a sex theripist, and an author.  And, her ex boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse, was obsessed with her – stalking her, and eventually brutally murdering her on Febuary 15, 2020. Beth lightens things up a bit with her paranormal story… Haunted Disney Land! Yes, you read that correctly! “The Happiest Place on Earth” has a few spirits, real human bones, and trickster Imagineers!  Cheers! 

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If you or a person you know are a victim of domestic violence call the national domestic violence hotline. 1800-799-7233


Amie Harwick, a very successful Hollywood marriage and family therapist was found in the early hours of Feb 15, 2020 barley alive . She had been strangled and pushed from her third floor bedroom balcony. Amie died in the hospital a few hours later and it wasn’t long before all fingers pointed at Gareth Pursehouse, her ex-boyfriend as the suspect. He and Amie began dating in 2008. Their relationship was great for the first 6 months, but then Gareth showed his true colors. He became possessive, controlling, and physically abusive. Amie was done with the relationship in 2012 and sent Gareth packing. She thrived, he stalked her. By 2020 Gareth was still not over the loss of Amie. It is suspected that he broke into her home and waited for her to return from a girl’s night out. When she arrived home all the pain and fury that had built up in Gareth were let loose on unsuspecting Amie. Gareth was arrested within hours of Amie’s death. A preliminary hearing was held in Sept. 2021 with evidence of Gareth’s guilt being extraordinary. The DNA found at the scene matched Gareth’s so much so that the chance of it belonging to anyone else was less than one in one septillion . ( A new word for both Bettina and Beth, meaning a 1 with 24 Os behind it)

What!!! Disney Land in Anaheim, Ca is haunted! There have been millions of visitors to the magical theme park since it’s opening in 1955. Between all the Disney Lands and Disney World, the Anaheim Disney Land is actually the only one designed and built under the supervision of Walt Disney himself! Beth tells us about the building and opening of Disney Land and goes on to regale us with stories of ghosts that refuse to leave “the happiest place on earth”, including personal stories of visitors and staff that have witnessed the Disney Land spirits.

38 year old, Amie Harwick, was found barely breathing below the thiird floor balcony of her Hollywood Hills apartment in the early hours of Feb. 15, 2020. She passed away in the hospital a few hours later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amie_Harwick

Harwick, the successful Marriage and Family and Sex Therapist, met Drew Cary in the summer of 2017. They were engaged in Feb. 2018, but amicably ended the engagement a few short months later. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/drew-carey-breaks-silence-ex-fiancee-amie-harwick-death

Gareth Pursehouse, software engineer, photographer, and want-a-be comedian, dated Amie for 4 years. After she broke up with him in 2012 he became even more obsessed with her, stalking her for years before he brutally killed her. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10987986/scorned-ex-gareth-pursehouse-accused-of-killing-sex-therapist-amie-harwick-stalked-her-after-their-break-up/

Disney Land in Anaheim, CA at night. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disney_California_Adventure

Could the Hunted Mansion at Disney Land actually be haunted? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Haunted_Mansion














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118. The I-5 Killer, Randall Woodfield / The Ghosts of Astoria, OR


Since Beth and Bettina took a fun girls trip to Astoria recently they HAD to cover an episode of the area!! Beth covered the true crime this week – the horrendous crime of Randall Woodfield- a drafted NFL player, with a very dark secret.  Bettina shares some haunts of Astoria Oregon – two of which are places that Beth and she visited on their trip! Enjoy some of the personal ghost experiences from The Flavel House as well as the Underground Tunnels!

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Beth introduces us to Randy Woodfield, a 30 year old bartender from Salem, Oregon also know as…”the I-5 Killer”. Woodfield started exposing himself to women at the young age of 11. In High School his “exposure acts” were covered up by his coaches who wanted to keep him on the team as he was an excellent football player, so much so that he was drafter by the Green Bay Packers in 1973. His NFL days were short lived having been cut from the team once training started. Why? Well, he was back to his “flashing” hobby. Then, in the 1980’s, he escalated. Woodfield is accused of raping at least 60 women and killing at least 18. His victims were all found on the I-5 from Washington to California where the bodies of the victims he kill were also found. Listen as Beth fills you in on this very disturbing case.

Bettina shares with you her and Beth’s adventures in beautiful Astoria, OR. Because of its long history it was hard to chose just one of the many haunted places in and around the town. So there are 5 different locations that are covered. Bettina shares the history and paranormal activities at the Uppertown Firefighter’s Museum, Ft Stevens, The Liberty Theater, The Flavel House, and the underground tunnels. Listen to find out which ones we visited and our paranormal experiences at them.

Randell Woodfield with his two sisters. Photo: Murderpedia https://allthatsinteresting.com/randall-woodfield

Woodfield is imprisoned at Oregon State Penitentiary serving life with an additional 165 years. He has yet to admit to his horrendous crimes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randall_Woodfield

The Flavel House which sits at 144 8th street in Astoria, OR. A beautiful home with some sad history. Beth did pick up on some things at this home when we visited. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_George_Flavel_House_Museum

Conducting a paranormal investigation in the tunnel under Gilley’s Butcher Shop.

Beth’s favorite “long legs” photo. My sister (Chris), Beth, and me infront of the haunted Liberty Theater.








Astoria’s Hess House haunted no more










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117. The Yogurt Shop Murders / The Haunted Hill House in Texas


It’s Monday! Time for your Hangover this week!  Bettina and Beth cover a true crime and a haunted location from the state of Texas this week.  Bettina shares the mysterious case of the Yogurt Shop Murders from 1991 in Austin Texas.  Jennifer Harbison, Eliza Thomas, Sarah Harbison, and Amy Ayers are the victims she advocates for this week.  It’s a case that has been told before, many times, but it’s a case that SHOULD be told time and time again until answers are found.  Beth didn’t necessarily lighten things up with this week’s haunting.  She covers the Haunted Hill House from Mineral Wells Texas.  Anything you can think of that would make a place a haunted location happened in this home!  It’s a spooky one for sure.  To add to the hangover Beth chose the Fright Night in the Grove Cocktail for this week’s episode.  Why? Well, listen to the episode and find out 😉
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31 years ago on Dec 6, 1991 in Austin, TX four horrible murders were committed. It was a Friday night at the I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt Shop in a strip Mall. Jennifer Harbison, 17, and Eliza Thomas, 17, were working the closing shift. Shortly after 9pm they were joined by Jennifer’s 15 year old sister Sarah Harbison and Sarah’s best friend, 13 year old Amy Ayers. All four were active, ambitious, hard working, animal loving young women whose lives were taken far too early, leaving holes in their families and the communities’ hearts. To this day, no one has been arrested in the Yogurt Shop Murders, but with the small amount of DNA found at the crime scene and with advances made in DNA analysis yearly, the killers are sure to be uncovered. Someone out there must know something. If you have any information about the Dec 6, 1991 Yogurt Shop Murders please call the Austin Police Department, 512-974-5000. Let’s Never forget Amy Ayers, Jennifer Harbison, Sarah Harbison, and Eliza Thomas, rest in peace angels.

The Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells TX was built in 1892 by a woman named Fannie Yeager. With it’s history of pain, death, devil worship and the occult it’s no wonder that Hill House is known as one of the most haunted, darkest houses in the US. EVP readings, disembodied voices and crying, and scratches are just a few of the unexplained things that have happened to investigators and visitors at Hill House. Oh, and we can’t forget the demon, Toby, that seems to dominate over the house. Could Toby be the shadow man in the front yard beckoning passerby’s to enter the grounds and Hill House itself? This is one place that even Beth refuses to visit!

The four victims via USA Today. Who killed these beautiful young ,vibrant women? That is still the question 31 years after the Yogurt Shop murders. https://www.truecrimeedition.com/post/yogurt-shop-murders

Maurice Pierce (16), Forrest Welborn (15), Robert Springsteen (17), and Michael Scott (17) were questioned for the murders, but had to be released because there was no evidence against them. In 1999 the four men were again questioned. Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen were arrested and convicted, but years later the convictions were overturned on constitutional grounds and their DNA did not match what was found at the scene. https://truecrimegarage.com/blogs/true-crime-garage/posts/austin-yogurt-shop-murders-81-82

The melted phone on the wall of the I Can’t Believe Its Yogurt shop is a glimpse into how hot the fire was. Photo: The Austin Police Department https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/yogurt-shop-murders-investigation-key-moments/5/

The Hill House attic, known as “Joshua’s room” where a lot of activity has been recorded. Photo: Rose Baca / Staff Photographer https://www.dallasnews.com/arts-entertainment/things-to-do/2017/05/16/hurst-couple-who-unwittingly-purchased-haunted-mineral-wells-home-now-says-you-want-to-buy-it/







Night Shift Nightmare: The Unsolved Austin Yogurt Shop Murders | True Crime Documentary

True Crime Garage: Yogurt Shop Murders- 30 Years Later///Part 1///539

True Crime Garage: Yogurt Shop Murders- 30 Years Later///Part 2///540





COCKTAIL: FRIGHT NIGHT IN THE GROVE https://www.thespruceeats.com/fright-night-in-the-grove-cocktail-760774

116. Missing Amy Bradley and Haunts and Legends of the Caribbean


Beware where the birds poo and grass doesn’t grow!  The gals are in the studio TOGETHER this week, and so excited to share their stories!  Toasting and drinking together was real fun, the extra vodka they chose to add was real dumb!  This week’s hangover comes from the extra vodka and the horrifying story of the missing Amy Bradley.  Out on a family vacation on a cruise ship sailing the Caribbean Amy went missing. Many theories have grown from this case, the main belief to be Amy was taken into the world of Human Trafficking. Bettina lightens it up with her many ghost stories – with no ghosts?? – and legends of the Caribbean to end this week’s episode!  Cheers!

Please check out https://humantraffickinghotline.org if you have any questions or want to educate yourself on human trafficking.

115. The Lululemon Murder and The Haunted White House


Bettina is not a fashionista, and that’s made apparent on this week’s episode, as she covers the Lululemon murder in Bethesda Maryland. Jayna Murray was brutally murdered by her coworker at the athletic apparel retail store in 2011. But, brutal doesn’t even begin to describe it. Anger may ensue after hearing this case… and that’s why Beth lightens it up with the hauntings and the haunted from the White House in DC.  The Jack Rose cocktail helped some in the humor as well!
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116. Missing Amy Bradley and Haunts and Legends of the Caribbean


Beware where the birds poo and grass doesn’t grow!  The gals are in the studio TOGETHER this week, and so excited to share their stories!  Toasting and drinking together was real fun, the extra vodka they chose to add was real dumb!  This week’s hangover comes from the extra vodka and the horrifying story of the missing Amy Bradley.  Out on a family vacation on a cruise ship sailing the Caribbean Amy went missing. Many theories have grown from this case, the main belief to be Amy was taken into the world of Human Trafficking. Bettina lightens it up with her many ghost stories – with no ghosts?? – and legends of the Caribbean to end this week’s episode!  Cheers!

Human trafficking is more prevalent than we realize. Please check out https://humantraffickinghotline.org if you have any questions!