136. The San Francisco Witch Killers / The Haunted Los Coches Adobe


Hi, Hey, Hello, and welcome to episode 136 – covering stories from the state of California! Beth shares the true crime story – Michael and Susan Bear, the San Francisco Witch Killers. Susan could sense when a witch was among them, and Michael was in charge of getting rid of said “witch”… it’s a fascinating case. . . But, let’s be honest, the two were total kooks! Bettina ends the episode with the haunted Los Coches Adobe! What haunts this old ranch home? And, why?? For resources from this episode and more “Hangover” check out this link… https://linktr.ee/Killer.Hangover.Podcast

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James Clifford Carson and Susan Barnes Carson are American serial killers convicted in three murders between 1981 and 1983 in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. The couple was heavily involved in drugs and mysticism and shortly into their marriage they assumed new names, Michael Bear and Suzan Bear. Suzan claimed to have mystical powers which allowed her to sense if a person was a witch, so the couple’s self appointed mission was to exterminate people they believed to be witches, because of this the press gave them the name “the San Francisco Witch Killers”. Listen to this weeks episode as Beth takes us into this very strange True Crime in which you may have to ask yourself several times “say what???”

Hey, it’s been a while since Bettina mentioned Ghost Adventures in her paranormal portion of an episode, but one can not research hauntings at Los Coches Adobe without coming across the Ghost Adventures’ crew’s experience at the site. The adobe was built in 1843 as a residence, but continued as several other posts, playing a big part in the area. It was a Wells Fargo Station Agent office, a post office, a stage coach stop and an inn. It is also said to have been a brothel, one that was frequented by miners riding the stage coaches. Legend has it that the madam of the brothel would sneak into the miner’s rooms as they slept, slit their throats, steal their hard earned money and gold, then dump their bodies in a well somewhere on the property. Whether this is true is hard to say, but many people around the Los Coches Adobe refuse to go into the building after they have visited it. Just from my research, I can tell you that this is one haunted building I have no desire to enter, way too much bad juju.

Suzan and Michael Bear admitted to investigators and in interviews that they killed Karen Barnes, Clark Stevens and John Hellier because their victims were witches. Photo; DISCOVERY CHANNEL  https://www.thejournal.ie/suzan-michael-carson-san-francisco-witch-killers-parole-2481589-Dec2015/

To this day neither James (Michael) or Susan (Suzan) are remorseful for their crimes. https://www.oxygen.com/blogs/the-bizarre-case-of-the-california-witch-killers

Everything looks better in the sunshine, even the “haunted” Los Coches Adobe. http://www.historic101.com/Soledad/Location_1.html

Whether legends of Los Coches Adobe are true or not, there are many reports of paranormal activity in the building. https://www.thescarechamber.com/los-coches-adobe/





I lived with a Killer – season 1 ep 8 – San Francisco Witch Killers


Ghost Adventures, Season 14, Episode 6 On The Travel Channel



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