135. Andrea Yates / The Haunted Baker Hotel


**Warning – this episode includes discussion on the killings of children, as well as mental illness – please feel free to fast forward to the Paranormal portion ** This week the gals cover the state of Texas with a bottle of “Crazy Water” from Mineral Wells! Bettina shares the true crime – the case of Andrea Yates. A woman / mother suffering with a multitude of psychosis which lead to the killings of her 5 beautiful children. Beth and Bettina discuss some pretty deep topics in this episode – It is definitely not to be taken lightly. Beth moves on the story to TRY to lighten things up by sharing the story of Mineral Wells Texas, Crazy Water, and about the hauntings and goings on at the Baker Hotel. Cheers!!!

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In June 2001 news hit the nation that 37 year old Andrea Yates, of Clear Water City, TX had killed all five of her children. As posted above, this was a hard episode to get through without shedding some tears, but it’s also an event that most people have heard about and one that I wanted to explore. What would make a mother kill her children? The question hangs in the air, but in Andrea’s case postpartum psychosis seems to be the answer. Listen as I dive into this very disturbing case. Could the deaths have been avoided if Dr’s warnings had been heeded? Would they have been avoided if the very medication that was helping Andrea cope had not been stopped? If there’s something to take from this case it’s that the brain, our minds, are very mysterious, with much still left to be explored.

Beth covers the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX, but to really add to the story she had a bottle of Crazy Water from Mineral Wells sent to me. It’s, umm, interesting. I share comments on the water on the episode. Strange, water is water, right? But the Crazy Water tasted, and weirdly, “felt” different from tap or filtered water. Now on to the actual premise of the segment, the hauntings at the Baker Hotel. Beth dives into the history of the once beautiful resort, which, of course, leads into the many hauntings that have been recorded. I’m not going to “spill the beans” on the hauntings, you’ll have to listen for those 🙂

Andrea Yates heading to court June 2001 after the drowning of her five children. https://thecinemaholic.com/where-is-andrea-yates-now/

The Yates children’s grave sites. Rest in peace angels, Noah, John, Paul, Luke and Mary. https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Rusty-Yates-sees-eerie-similarities-between-5377030.php#photo-2747325

The grand Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX brought in a multitude of guests from the local to the well known. https://thebakerhotelandspa.com/history/

If you get a chance to try the CRAZY WATER from Mineral Wells let us know what you think.













Timeline: https://thebakerhotelandspa.com/history/



Ghost Adventures – Crazy Town – s8 ep11

COCKTAIL: Crazy Water (non-alcoholic)

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