132. H. H. Holmes / Legends in Illinois


In this week’s episode Beth and Bettina cover true crime and paranormal from the state of Illinois! Beth shares the story of H. H. Holmes! One you’ve all heard before… but, how much of that story is actually true?? Well, she’s here to tell you AND pretty much ruin the story for you… sorry!!! Bettina ends the episode with two legends of Illinois – the first being the “Devil’s Stone” unburied and posted in someone’s garden, leaving behind victim after victim… but, where is it now?! Her second legend is Hull Mansion. Where there’s a haunting tale of a floating woman and a demonic baby?


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H.H. Holmes, the man , the myth, the legend. Most of us have heard of him, of his terrible hotel in Chicago with dead end hallways and locked rooms, and a shoot that Holmes would use to send the dead women to the basement. We’ve heard about the way he tortured the women and then horribly kill them, getting rid of their bodies in the incinerator in the basement. The stories are vast, gruesome, and dare I say, intriguing. But for the most part everything you have heard about the infamous H.H. Holmes are false. Beth will cover the REAL story of Holmes. Yes, he was a bad man, he was a swindler and a cheat, but did he really kill the 27 women he claimed to have murdered? Listen to this week’s episode to find the answer.

In 1995 unearthing an engraved 15″ by 20″ rock buried in his yard, Gilbert Woods thought it would make a great addition to the rock garden surrounding his fountain. Boy, was he wrong! Strange things started happening to the family shortly after finding the rock, shadow figures were seen in the house, the children complained of being awakened at night by someone touching their feet. Then Gilbert’s wife Trudy lost her eye sight for three months for no explainable reason. After having an unexpected heart attack Gilbert gave the rock to their family friend, Linda Klyst in 1979. Then she began having serious problems, including a friend’s death. the rock was handed off to parapsychologist, Evelyn Paglini. She too started experiencing strange things, as did her assistant,  Linda Heracek. Evelyn Paglini seems to be keeping it a secret as to where the rock is at this time. If you come across the rock, may I suggest to stay clear of it. The Jane Adams Hull House Museum at the University of Illinois at Chicago is the oldest building in the center part of the city. And with it being the oldest building come a lot of stories and legends, including a hovering ghost and a “devil’s baby” dropped off on Jane Adams’ front steps. Where did the baby come from? To answer that Bettina shares with you two, ummm, fantastical legends.

Herman Mudgett, AKA H.H. Holmes, was a swindler and a cheat. He is also considered America’s first known serial killer, but did he kill the 27 women he claims to have murdered? Or the 200 people the Newspapers, at the time, headlined he did? https://www.britannica.com/biography/H-H-Holmes

The Murder Castle. According to sensationalist reports, the space featured soundproof rooms, secret passages and a confusing maze of hallways and staircases. But did it? Photo: Chicago History Museum/Getty Images https://www.history.com/topics/crime/murder-castle

The Englewood Post Office now sits on a portion of the site once occupied by the famous “H.H. Holmes Murder Castle.”   https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/englewood-post-office

The Hull Manson became the first settlement house in America. It was founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr in 1889 after they took over the abandoned Hull Mansion built by Charles Hull in 1856. Buildings were gradually added until the settlement house covered a half a city block. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Hull-House

I thought I’d use a cute hovering Casper the Ghost, but can you imagine waking in the early morning hours and opening you eyes to a hovering woman ghost right above you? Supposedly that is exactly what Jane Addams, and her guests experienced in Hull Mansion. Photo: Casper the Friendly Ghost flying PNG. https://www.seekpng.com/ipng/u2w7e6a9e6r5i1u2_casper-the-friendly-ghost-flying-png-casper-the/

Puzzled as to why I chose this picture? Listen to the episode to find out……. https://www.verbicidemagazine.com/2013/07/24/cartoons-smoke-cigarettes-cigars/







WLS Channel 7 – Eyewitness News – “The Curse Of The Evil Devil Stone” (10/28/1980)


COCKTAIL: The Devil and Disguised


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