130. “Bizzarities” Vanishing Patients / Dyatlov Pass Incident (part 1)


It’s time for our favorite episodes – our Bizarrities episode !! Beth picked the cocktail for Bettina to drink this week; it included cold brew, which got Bettina zinging as she shared her bizarre story of patients disappearing from their hospital rooms. Vanished! Within moments of someone seeing them! Where they were discovered, and the idea behind the vanishing is the real bizarre part! Then Beth begins her 2 part case into the story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Where 9 experienced hikers, for unknown reasons, slash out of their tent, and walk through over 4 feet of snow (barefoot) down a mountain slope – only to be discovered later on with tragic, mysterious injuries and more!

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October 5th, 2017 61 year old Teteteke Gqotsi underwent abdominal surgery at Stellenbosch Hospital in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The next day he vanished from his hospital bed. 14 days later Teteteke’s body was found in the corner of the ceiling of the hospital. Cause of death was released to the family, but not to the public and how Teteteke even got up to the ceiling is unknown. On May 10, 2019 53 year old Sandile Sibiya broke his femur and was rushed to Durban’s Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital ( South Africa). On the second day after his surgery Sandile disappeared from his hospital bed. On May 24 Sandile’s body was found in a corner of the ceiling above the hospital’s storage room. Autopsy results were released to the family, but not to the public. Again it is unknown as to how Sandile entered the ceiling. Both men were recovering from surgery, neither man could have hoisted himself into the ceiling. there was no evidence of foul play, the time between a nurse seeing the patients and the time they disappeared was only a matter of a few minutes. Listen as Bettina covers these two bizarre stories and the theories that attempt to explain this mystery.

The year was 1959 – and according to a Soviet Criminal Investigation a “compelling natural force” led to the death of 9 hikers in the Ural mountains.  The group has become known as the Dyatlov group. Hypothermia was determined to be the number one cause of death of most of the members of the hiking group, but the injuries found on some of the bodies raises more questions than answers. Crushed rib cages, skull fractures, missing eyes, and one victim was found with no tongue. Radioactivity was even found on some of the bodies. Are you baffled yet? Beth does a great job covering this case. Giving us a glimpse into each of the hiker’s lives, so that we see them as the individuals they were and not just 9 experienced hikers that died horrific deaths. She shares this case from its beginning as the nine university students set off, she reads parts of the member’s journals, the different stops the group made on their journey, and the horrible findings when the bodies were discovered. There are many theories as to what caused the deaths, some of which Beth covers also…..is that photo of a Yeti? She leaves us hanging, so join us next week for part 2.

Stellenbosch Hospital in South Africa where patient Teteteke Gqotsi’s body was found in a corner of the ceiling. https://www.thehealthfoundation.org.za/gallery-stellenbosch-hospital-and-hospice-visit/

On May 24 Sandile’s body was found in a corner of the ceiling above the hospital’s storage room. https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2019-05-29-kzn-health-department-probes-how-injured-builder-was-found-dead-in-hospital-ceiling/

Photo taken from a roll of film found at the camp of the Dyatlov Pass incident. The students were friends and enjoyed each other’s company. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/the-dyatlov-pass-incident

What happened to these 9 experienced hikers remains a mystery. Photo of the victims (taken off BBC article) https://medium.com/lessons-from-history/the-deaths-of-dyatlov-pass-still-unexplained-1ff01c78fad

The tent with the flashlight sitting in the middle of it on top of the snow. It had been sliced open to allow the hikers to escape, half clothed and most wearing no boots. PHOTOGRAPH: TCD/PROD.DB/ALAMY https://www.wired.com/story/dyatlov-pass-incident-slab-avalanche/

Could this be a Russian Yeti? This blurry photo was taken by one of the hikers. It appears to be a very tall figure behind a tree, too tall to be a human. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/SoLiOdJyCK/mystery_of_dyatlov_pass
















COCTAIL: HENDRICK’S COCONUT COCKTAIL https://www.forbes.com/sites/karlaalindahao/2020/11/12/16-unusual-cocktail-recipes-for-adventurous-drinkers/?sh=4501358042b8

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