129. Pam Hupp / The Haunted Beattie Mansion


Bettina forgot her microphone, Beth wants to buy a haunted house and the New Year is kicking off to a great start! In this episode Beth and Bettina cover true crime and paranormal stories from the state of Missouri. Bettina shares the true crime this week – the crimes, and the assumed crimes of Pam Hupp.  Beware of those manipulative people ya’ll!  Beth covers a place she really wants to visit ( what’s new) The Beattie Mansion – “The House on the Hill”.  Is it the mysterious Eliza Beattie that haunts the 2nd floor? Is it Armstrong Beattie who whistles a tune?  Or is it one of the many other people who called the mansion their home throughout the years? Cheers Friends!

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I (Bettina) once again apologize for forgetting my mic. Packing for Maui was fast and furious, my recording equipment lay forgotten in my office, but even without a mic, I think you’ll be able to pick up on the way I feel about this week’s murderer, Pam Hupp. Manipulative and beyond greedy, this woman pulls no punched, she literally kills to get more, more, more. Many of you have heard about Pam Hupp, she was a pretty big name in the True Crime world, and beyond, several years ago. Then Netflix did the three part, “What About Pam” series, which once again brought Pam Hupp’s name to the forefront. As you listen to this week’s episode, you’ll find out what a terrible, evil, and conniving woman Pam is. AGGGG! It just makes me angry thinking about it. Give us a listen and let us know, did you too feel the evil emanating from this average looking, mild mannered woman?

Gratefully, Beth shares a very active site that helps to bring the true crime to the back of your mind. She covers The Beattie Mansion also known as “The House on the Hill”. It sits at 1120 Main St, St Joseph, MO, built in 1854, it was the home of Armstrong and Eliza Beattie. In 1880 having died with no heirs the mansion was sold to the Ladies Union Benevolent Association. They turned it into a shelter for homeless and suffering people actually naming it, “Home for the Friendless”, how depressing is that? In 1895 the house was converted into the Memorial Home for the Aged, in 1995 the house was used as a group home for the mentally ill and substance abusers. In 2004 it was bought by private owners who wanted it converted into a bed and breakfast. So much history with so many sad people living within its walls, is it any wonder it is known as the most haunted building in St Joseph and possibly even one of the most haunted in the US? Listen as Beth covers this very active house, so active that it is almost impossible to NOT witness some paranormal activity while visiting. This is definitely on our “have to go visit” list!

Betsy and Russ Faria enjoying a cruise just weeks before the murder of Betsy and Russ’ inconceivable imprisonment. https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/judge-orders-new-trial-in-controversial-lincoln-county-murder-case/article_8d31c0e9-cd2a-5b5f-9d61-52ea93db060d.html

33 year old Louis Gumpenberger was lured to Pam’s home. He was shot 5 times by Pam who claimed he was an intruder. Then the truth came out, Pam used Louis as a pawn to spotlight Russ again as a killer. https://www.the-sun.com/news/3815226/serial-killer-pam-hupp-renee-zellweger/

Pam Hupp’s arrest photo after she tried to commit suicide with a ball point pen, a complete fail.

Pam was facing the death penalty for the murder of Louis Gumpenberger, To avoid this penalty she entered an Alfred Plea, which admits there is evidence stacked against the defendant, but they do not admit guilt in the case. Pam received life in prison for the death of Louis. She was also convicted of the murder of Betsy Faria, the trial is ongoing with the prosecutor asking for the death penalty. https://www.nbcnews.com/dateline/pam-hupp-avoids-death-penalty-plea-faces-life-prison-2016-n1019511

Because of the many distressed souls this mansion housed throughout the years it is no surprise that the Beattie Mansion is very haunted. https://thelanding.missourirealtor.org/blogs/missouri-realtors/2021/10/06/missouris-haunted-homes

If walls could talk……One of the many upstairs bedrooms. (Photo taken by Michaela Miller-Stout) https://medium.com/oldsaintjo/the-haunted-history-of-beattie-mansion-e479f571a4bd


The Truth About Convicted Killer Pam Hupp

The Wicked Story Of Pam Hupp







“Bone Deep: Untangling the Betsy Faria Murder Case”/ Joel Schwartz (Author)  Charles Bosworth (Author)./ 2022





COCKTAIL: TOP OF THE HILL https://www.shot-cocktail-recipe.com/cocktail-recipes/top_of_the_hill.html

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