128. Thomas Richard Bunday / Haunted Places in Fairbanks Alaska


Happy New Year!! We are so excited to see what 2023 brings us and our listeners!

In this episode the gals chose to cover the state of Alaska… little did they know the paranormal and true crime stories they chose covered the exact same location!  Beth covered the serial killer Thomas Richard Bunday. A very disturbed man, who stole the lives of at least 5 women.  Bettina decided to plan a trip for you all, if you ever plan on visiting the Fairbanks area. She shares a haunted hotel for somewhere to stay, a haunted pub for somewhere to eat, a haunted cemetery? For something to do? And, a haunted hospital … in case you have an accident? Okay, maybe it’s not a well thought out trip… but, there were lots of haunted places in Fairbanks Alaska that she wanted to share with you all!

Cheers to you and 2023!

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Glinda Sodemann, 19, Doris Oehring, 11, Marlene Peters, 20, Wendy Wilson, 16, Lori King, 19. These are the names of the five women from the Fairbanks, Alaska area that were murdered between 1979 – 1981. Investigators linked the women to one killer because of the way the women had been killed and the placement of their bodies, in a wooded area close to Eielson Airforce Base, outside of Fairbanks. Finding the murderer was not an easy task, but finally in March 1983 Thomas Bunday was arrested and was interrogated in Wichita Falls, TX, where the Air Force had transferred him from Eielson. Even though evidence was found at Bunday’s house connecting him to the murders and he admitted to killing the women he could not be arrested because there was no arrest warrant, so he was let go. Listen as Beth covers the sequence of events leading up to finding Bunday and what happened after investigators released him after their interrogation. This is a very interesting, but not widely known case.

Fairbanks, Alaska became incorporated in 1903. 123 years ago. Since that time Fairbanks has slowly grown to its current population of 32,702. The city has a history and with that comes paranormal activity. Bettina couldn’t limit herself to just one site in town, and in fact, left out some sites. Listen as she covers 4 locations and their “otherworldly” residence.

This ghostly mist appeared as just as paranormal investigator Jessie Desmond picked up a male voice saying “HI”. https://lonelyhepkat.blogspot.com/search?q=Birch+Hill+Cemetery

The Westmark Hotel where the “huge man” resides. Many reports are of this apparition pushing the bed, poking people in the shoulder, and running a finger along the carpet. The “huge man” likes room 277 in particular, so if you’re staying in Fairbanks and want to “meet” him ask for that room. Please get back to us if you see him. https://www.valisemag.com/haunted-places-in-fairbanks/










Homemade Gluh Wein

61/2 c red wine

1 c sugar ( I use less- ¼ to ½ c)

4 c cranberry juice cocktail

2 c apple juice

24 whole cloves

12 whole allspice

61/2 sticks cinnamon 

Bring wine, sugar and juices to a boil. Add spices either wrapped in cheesecloth or not, but if not you will have to fish them out later. Simmer everything together for 30 min. Serve.

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