125. The Waukesha Parade Attack


On November 21, 2021 a tragedy struck the city of Waukesha, WI, when a man drove an SUV down the Christmas parade route.  He killed 6 people, physically injured over 70, but absolutely devastated an entire community.  We saw and heard about the man’s antics in court as he represented himself. The media reported the absurd actions … but, what about the victims? We can not lose sight of the loss that this man caused. We can not lose sight of the beauty and strength of the Waukesha Community. Cheers to you Waukesha, and cheers to our listeners.

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November 21, 2021, the town of Waukesha, WI held their annual Christmas Parade. Floats, the High School band, the town’s sports teams, including the Blazers baseball team, and the Milwaukee Dancing Grandmas, among other hometown participants. The sidewalks were crowded with Waukesha residents and visitors. Parents and grandparents sitting in lawn chairs, thermoses of hot cocoa close at hand, and children sitting on the curbs ready to sprint out into the street to grab candy thrown out by the parade participants. People were cheering and laughing, everyone having a good time, until they weren’t. The unimaginable happened, a red Ford Escape was barreling down the street.  Darrell Brooks, in a fit of rage, was driving the Ford. Running through police barriers, stop lights and stop signs. With no regard to anyone’s life or safety, he drove down the parade route killing 6 people, physically injuring over 70 and mentally impacting everyone attending the parade.

Brooks’ antics in court were ridiculous and extremely disrespectful to the victims. The jury found Brooks guilty on all 76 counts stemming from the attack, including six counts of first-degree intentional homicide with the use of a dangerous weapon. On Nov 16, 2022, Judge Jennifer Dorow imposed the mandated sentences, ordering Brooks to serve consecutive life sentence without the possibility of parole for each of the first-degree homicide counts. On top of that he received 762.5 years for the counts of reckless endangerment and 6 years more for bail jumping Beth followed both the trial and the sentencing and shares, with us, what she learned and the court proceedings.

The 6 victims that were killed by Darrell Brooks during the Waukesha Christmas parade. https://www.cbs58.com/news/services-announced-for-waukesha-christmas-parade-victims

The wreckage caused by this horrendous act was physically, emotionally and mentally devastating. https://naijasuperfans.com/waukesha-christmas-parade-horror-timeline-of-how-the-carnage-unfolded/

Brooks’ biggest fear is to be forgotten. Lingering in his jail cell for “hundreds” of years, his fear just may be realized. https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/16/us/darrell-brooks-waukesha-sentencing/index.html

Blue lights shine throughout Waukesha to honor the victims of the 2021 Christmas Parade. https://www.fox6now.com/news/waukesha-parade-tragedy-moment-of-silence-prayers-for-the-victims

The Waukesha Christmas Parade, which for 60 years has been held on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, will now be held two weeks later for a number of reasons including emergency and police staffing. The 2022 parade is scheduled for Sunday, December 4. Waukesha Strong! https://www.jsonline.com/story/communities/waukesha/2022/08/04/waukesha-christmas-parade-2022-wont-held-before-thanksgiving/10230349002/












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