118. The I-5 Killer, Randall Woodfield / The Ghosts of Astoria, OR


Since Beth and Bettina took a fun girls trip to Astoria recently they HAD to cover an episode of the area!! Beth covered the true crime this week – the horrendous crime of Randall Woodfield- a drafted NFL player, with a very dark secret.  Bettina shares some haunts of Astoria Oregon – two of which are places that Beth and she visited on their trip! Enjoy some of the personal ghost experiences from The Flavel House as well as the Underground Tunnels!

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Beth introduces us to Randy Woodfield, a 30 year old bartender from Salem, Oregon also know as…”the I-5 Killer”. Woodfield started exposing himself to women at the young age of 11. In High School his “exposure acts” were covered up by his coaches who wanted to keep him on the team as he was an excellent football player, so much so that he was drafter by the Green Bay Packers in 1973. His NFL days were short lived having been cut from the team once training started. Why? Well, he was back to his “flashing” hobby. Then, in the 1980’s, he escalated. Woodfield is accused of raping at least 60 women and killing at least 18. His victims were all found on the I-5 from Washington to California where the bodies of the victims he kill were also found. Listen as Beth fills you in on this very disturbing case.

Bettina shares with you her and Beth’s adventures in beautiful Astoria, OR. Because of its long history it was hard to chose just one of the many haunted places in and around the town. So there are 5 different locations that are covered. Bettina shares the history and paranormal activities at the Uppertown Firefighter’s Museum, Ft Stevens, The Liberty Theater, The Flavel House, and the underground tunnels. Listen to find out which ones we visited and our paranormal experiences at them.

Randell Woodfield with his two sisters. Photo: Murderpedia https://allthatsinteresting.com/randall-woodfield

Woodfield is imprisoned at Oregon State Penitentiary serving life with an additional 165 years. He has yet to admit to his horrendous crimes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randall_Woodfield

The Flavel House which sits at 144 8th street in Astoria, OR. A beautiful home with some sad history. Beth did pick up on some things at this home when we visited. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_George_Flavel_House_Museum

Conducting a paranormal investigation in the tunnel under Gilley’s Butcher Shop.

Beth’s favorite “long legs” photo. My sister (Chris), Beth, and me infront of the haunted Liberty Theater.








Astoria’s Hess House haunted no more










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