116. Missing Amy Bradley and Haunts and Legends of the Caribbean


Beware where the birds poo and grass doesn’t grow!  The gals are in the studio TOGETHER this week, and so excited to share their stories!  Toasting and drinking together was real fun, the extra vodka they chose to add was real dumb!  This week’s hangover comes from the extra vodka and the horrifying story of the missing Amy Bradley.  Out on a family vacation on a cruise ship sailing the Caribbean Amy went missing. Many theories have grown from this case, the main belief to be Amy was taken into the world of Human Trafficking. Bettina lightens it up with her many ghost stories – with no ghosts?? – and legends of the Caribbean to end this week’s episode!  Cheers!

Please check out https://humantraffickinghotline.org if you have any questions or want to educate yourself on human trafficking.

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