114. The Burger Chef Murders and The Haunted French Lick Springs Hotel


Cheers to Indiana! The gals are back with a tomato juice cocktail, a true crime, and haunts! Beth begins the episode with the horrible unsolved crime- the Burger Chef Murders – where four employees of the burger joint were abducted and brutally murdered.  The who, the why, and all the questions are still a mystery. Bettina lightens things up with the haunts and history of the French Lick Springs Hotel as well as the West Baden Springs Hotel.  Bring your dog but not your kids for this week’s haunt!   

Thanks to Kimberly Ray, Stephen, and Michelle for the cocktails you purchased us this week.  Do you want to buy us a drink? Check out HOW here: https://linktr.ee/Killer.Hangover.Podcast

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