107. The Murder of Liz Wilson and Haunted Stull Cemetery in Kansas


Prairie Village, KS was set on edge in the summer of 1974. The quiet, safe community had a murderer in it’s midst. 13 year old Lizbeth Wilson disappeared on July 7. Her partial remains were found six months later in an open field nine miles from where she had last been seen. One man stood out as the murder suspect , and even with what seemed strong evidence found in the trunk of his car, the police could not arrest him. I spoke to Debra Niewald, a witness in this case. Even after all the time that has passed, Debra remembers the details of that day with distinct clarity and she takes us back there during the interview. It took 30 years, but the murderer was finally put behind bars. Listen as I take you through the events of that fateful day and to what it took to put the killer in prison for good.

Beth shares with us the legend of Stull Cemetery, one of the 7 gateways to hell….or is it? More than likely, if you live in Kansas, you have been told the story of Stull Cemetery. Stories of the cemetery have been passed down for over 100 years, but where did the legend come from? And does the devil really visit the the cemetery twice every year? Beth covers all of this and adds some fun and haunting tales. All while sipping on a delicious cocktail, Kansas City Ice Water. Cheers

13 year old Lizbeth Wilson went missing on July 7, 1974. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/156683386/lizabeth-a.-wilson

John Horton, the man who 30 years after Liz’s death was finally found guilty of her murder. https://shawneemissionpost.com/2012/04/05/conviction-in-sm-east-janitor-murder-case-back-before-johnson-county-judge-9506/

Stull Cemetery. Legend has it that the devil visits two times every year. Photo: Ayleen Gaspar https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Stull_Cemetery_2014.jpg

Legend has it that one of the 7 gateways to hell can be found within Stull Cemetery. https://info.umkc.edu/unews/haunted-kansas-city-mysterious-tales-from-kansas-citys-past-and-present/






Horton Found Guilty In 2nd Murder Trial

Lizabeth Wilson | Into the Killing Podcast Ep 24





COCKTAIL: Kansas City Ice Water https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/51923/kansas-city-ice-water/#reviewSectio

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