An Exclusive Killer Hangover Interview

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Hello – please enjoy some crazy, interesting stories from a retired undercover detective – a special interview for our Patrons, we wanted to share with you… because Beth’s baby isn’t sleeping! Cheers to caffeine for Beth and cheers to all of you! 

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Born in Gary, Indiana, the author was named after the ‘Damn Ryan’ expressway in Chicago while his parents rushed back to Gary with his mother in labor. The family moved frequently with the closing of major steel companies in the Rust Belt. In the early 70’s, the Runyan family moved to Morgantown, West Virginia. His first published novel, ‘Fire High’ fictionalizes his memories of his violent youth. Wheatland is a work of fiction inspired by the author’s thirty-four years in law enforcement. Fresh out of the army with his pregnant wife and young daughter, the author worked deep undercover in New Mexico’s drug trade. There, he witnessed greed, corruption and endured death threats. The author felt it best to move his young family to his wife’s hometown of Manhattan, Kansas, where he continued his career in working violent “Crimes against Persons.” In his novel Wheatland, the author fictionalizes the many bits and pieces of broken lives which he believes all police officers’ witness. The author writes this book to reveal the common experiences of those in Blue, hoping the readers feel the realism and interaction of his characters, the humanity of humor and the seriousness of evil inflicted on our innocent. 

“Ryan Runyan can tell a good story, and the Tooth Key Killer—with a touch of the supernatural—starts with a bang, with a ghost and the murder of a female soldier. We, but not law enforcement, know the killer from the beginning. So the question is, will the Jekyll/Hyde Colonel Knight get away with it? On the hunt is Detective Sergeant Gerrit Ridley, who finds himself embroiled in a case of not only identifying a serial killer with a macabre obsession for teeth but involving the military and—because the victim was Native American—tribal police from the nearby Prairie Band Potawatomi reservation. Clues lead Ridley’s team across the country and around the world to the war and blazing sands of the Middle East before climaxing in a bloody final confrontation in stormy darkness. Runyan’s military background paints vivid scenes of the Middle East, and he sneaks in an easter egg/Hitchcock moment with a passing mention of a previous book.”

Lee Killough, author of Shadow Games (Brill/Maxwell Series, #3)

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