93. The Benders and McInteer Villa in Kansas

The Bender’s house. The front was a small store and inn. The back served as the living quarters for the family. The two sections were divided by a canvas. Ma Bender would cook and serve the “guest” as Kate spoke and flirted with him. Meanwhile either John Sr or John Jr would stay behind the canvas and at the right moment would hit the “guest” in the head with a hammer. The job was finished when the “guest” fell through the trap door and had his throat slit by Ma or Kate.


In the spring of 1873 no less than 12 bodies were dug up in the Benders orchard and garden. The family was no where to be found. To this day it is still a mystery as to the fate of the Benders, were they killed by vigilantes or did they get away with murder?


The Villa was built in 1889 / 1890 for pioneer businessman John McInteer. Now Stephanie and Jeff Neal are the owners. The home is filled with 1800’s furnishings and finishes. All those little touches from the wallpaper to the rugs to the door handles and light fixtures have lovingly been added by Stephanie.


Is the McInteer Villa haunted? Many say it is. We have been invited by the owner, Stephanie, to visit. We’ll let you know our findings.








Morbid Podcast, Episode 69: The Bloody Benders




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