67. Dancing at Mangos and Making Margaritas in a Basement in Indiana


We are back in Indiana covering a requested case from a listener! Beth shares the terrible sad, and unsolved case of the murdered Delphi girls – Abby and Libby.  Please be aware that soon after we recorded this episode there was some breaking news and a potential suspect has been arrested… we promise to keep you all updated! Bettina lightens things up a bit with the paranormal portion of the episode – sharing haunted tales of a few haunted places in the town of Irvington, Indiana!  Cheers!

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photos on page 2…


  1. Molly Whitaker says:

    This episode had all of us on the edge on our seats and WE HAD to look and see the sketches. I think that man matches them both perfectly. I hope they get a confession out of him so that town and family can finally have peace!


    1. It’s a terrible story, that truly HAS to be solved! Those poor families need answers!


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