62. A Bad Minnesotan Accent and Tito’s Todo in Minnesota/Florida/Texas

Lois Riess was well known and well liked by the people of Blooming Prairie, that’s what made what happened all the more unbelievable. 


On April 5, 2018 Pam Hutchinson and Lois were caught on video having dinner at the Smokin Oyster.  At 7:37 Pam paid for all of the drinks and their dinner. An hour later Pam was dead.


On April 19, 2018 Lois Riess was arrested in South Padre Island, Texas.


Bloody Mary, bloody Mary, bloody Mary! Whether she shows up in the mirror or not, Remember, you have to flush the toilet to clear her away before you run out 🙂


Elizabeth Bathory, “the blood countess”, is on the top of everyone’s list as to who Bloody Mary was. She was born in 1560 in Hungry. From a young age she was into violence.


Beautiful Mary Bloodsworth lived in Massachusetts in 1715, selling healing herbs. Villagers began suspecting she was a witch, not only because of her very successful healing herbs, but also when girls from the village stated disappearing.






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