33. A Woman Walks into a Bar with a Bad Psychic Who Shares an Adorable Haunting in Arizona


This week Beth and Bettina share stories from Arizona.  They kick off their last episode of the summer with a tequila Sunrise! Delicious!

Beth shares the mysterious murders of the Fisher Family in Scottsdale Arizona, the father of the family, Robert Fisher has not been seen since the murders and has been on the FBI’s most wanted list since 2002.  Let’s find him!! Bettina ends the episode with a few spooky stories from Fort Huachuca.  She even shares a listener’s personal story from there as well!

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Fort Huachuca History, 1877 to 1945


https://tucson.com/charlotte-of-carleton-house/article_75b70f82-71d4-11e5-a13d-13e60df5da13.html https://ghost.hauntedhouses.com/arizona_fort_huachuca_the_carleton_house#